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Pikwizard for online Collaterals

Free to use images as well as integration with Design Wizard web app

Thanks to technology, I have stopped using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop. I see no reason why people should pay a king's ransom just to use those tools annually especially when I don't see the money coming in from graphic design or layout work since everything these days is done online.

Yes Adobe offers everything. From graphics and image tools to stock images. But none of which are free of course.

So now you have Pikwizard, which is integrated with Design Wizard, an online web app that functions similarly to Canva.

What this does is that you get to choose a free image and then have that picture used in a web banner, online poster as well as a variety of other online collaterals. This online graphic design tool is decent and to a large extent will do the job, but probably not to the same level as Canva is able to do.

As for Pikwizard, the image site is fairly straightforward to use, but the collection of images is a bit limited. This is not to say you can't find what you want.

If all you are looking for are simple everyday pictures, then you might have a good shot finding one that fits.

However if you are looking for more exotic locations, say Asian cities and tech related images, you might be limited in choice. (I did a random search for Bitcoin and nothing came out)

But you can't expect everything including the kitchen sink from free stock image sites so Pikwizard does a decent job of integrating graphic tools with its free images.

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