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When it comes to free stuff, the Internet has loads of it. I don't give my work for free for one simple reason, as a professional content development specialist you can't afford to. But there those who pass their time, shooting wildly and having all these pictures which probably takes them next to nothing to shoot. So why not create a name for yourself by driving traffic to your site?
This is where Unsplash Came into the picture. Started out as a side project, the folks here helped to promote up and coming photographers who wish to contribute their images for self promotion. One caveat though, the site is minimalistic, so navigation is either up or down. There is also no way to search photos that fit your use so be warned.
Another place you can get free images to use commercially is Pexel. This site is searchable so if you have something you can take a look to see if anything in there fits what you need.
Now before you cry wolf, let me assure you that these sites are by no way complete stock photo agencies where they cater to your every need. Fro example, models do not show their faces in these pictures as that's a right they do not want to give away. Imagine if your face suddenly is used in a law enforcement poster or something sexual which you do not want to be associated with, you sort of get the idea why models would shy away from giving their face for such advertisements.
Pictures with models can be found in royalty free image banks so these have to be paid for. Free isn't a word you can associate with stock image banks even though they do periodically give away free images to use. Much of these are of course based on still life, landscapes, landmarks and nature.
If you really desire non-abstract pictures, my suggestion is still to use a royalty free image bank. Images on Pexel and Unsplash will have an abstract quality for wider appeal. So to maximize on this, think how these can be used in context of your website or promotional needs. It is a leap for those who have never procured content related services before and until to make that step, you will not know how much effort it will all entail.
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