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Freebies for Creative Common Usage

Splashbase is a great place to find free images and video for use on your site.

Creative commons is a license whereby you can use an image for illustrative purpose as long as your site isn't commercial. The problem most people get confused with is...if I put ads to earn income, won't that be commercial? 
Technically it is but the scope of commercialisation has to be defined here. For many, the earning of that one site with traffic and web adverts is not enough to justify it as a business then it shall be so. It is not a commercial concern as long as you have no incorporated it to run as a business to sell snake oil or whatever product deem to be part of your livelihood. 
Splash base offers both videos and images for web use. What I live about it is that you find more human interaction in the photos than other free photo sites. You will find identifiable faces, masses of people walking in the street and people posing for the camera. That's one huge advantage for those who are looking to create something less minimalistic and something more heart warming. 
For me, pictures of minimalism, products and human limbs often give a a cold look. There is no face staring at you to give a sense of emotion. This is why people offer paid photography services with a model, you need that human warmth to connect with your audience. 
What I like about Splashbase is the inclusion of mouseover script to play thumbnail videos, so if you are just browsing, you only need to run your cursor over the thumbnail for it to play. 
The unfortunately part of it all is none of the video are offered in selectable aspect ratio. Editing it down to your preferred style will mean you have to be versatile enough to handle a video editing program. 
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